Love hotels (ラブホテル) are designed for sex. They are a type of short-stay hotel found in Japan and provide privacy for couples that are looking to engage in discrete intimate liaisons. Alternative names include romance hotel, fashion hotel, leisure hotel, amusement hotel, couples hotel and boutique hotel.
Love in Shinjuku
At a love hotel, you can “rest” – check in for a few hours – or “stay” – spend the night. Rates vary between establishments, a sign outside will usually have hours and rates.
Love Hotel Rates Sign
Entrances are discreet and interaction with staff is minimised, with rooms selected from a panel of buttons and the bill settled by a pair of hands behind a pane of frosted glass.
Following is a list of ten decorated love hotel room themes where you can have your own sexual misadventure by living out your kinky, erotic and naughty fantasies.
1. The Space Odyssey
To infinity and beyond!
Love Hotel, Japan
2. Hello Kitty S&M Room
The kinky side of Hello Kitty. If you thought the Hello Kitty vibrators sounded fun, maybe you should try the Hello Kitty S&M room.
Hello Kitty S&M Love Hotel Room
3. The Chikan Express
Tired of the “Please do it at home” poster campaign? Frustrated you can’t ride in the women-only passenger car? Live out your chikan fantasies and dodge the anti-groping laws in this train carriage themed room.
Love Hotel Train Theme
4. The Classroom
Time for school you naughty boys & girls!
Love Hotel Classroom Theme
5. The Gyno Chair
Perfect for the amateur gynecologist and aspiring medical students.
Love Hotel Gyno Chair Theme Room
6. The Hentai Anime Room
Lovers of ero manga can live out their ‘ecchi’ fantasies.
Love Hotel Anime Theme Room
7. The Office
Need some extra RAM for your IBM PC?
Love Hotel Office Theme Room
8. The Japanese Whaler
Bring your harpoon for a bit of humpback.
Love Hotel Whale Theme Room
9. The Library
Do the Dewey and book it with a librarian.
Love Hotel Library Theme Room
10. The Supply Cupboard
Indulge in your forbidden ō eru (office lady) fantasy.
Love Hotel Storage Cupboard Theme Room
If you intend to visit a Love Hotel in Japan an essential companion is The